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If you would like to record anything from vocals to guitar you can do it here! I use Pro Tools 10 so even if you wanted to take your sessions elsewhere after you record your track(s), you can! I will make sure we capture your unique sound the way you want it.


Don't have a guitar or bass player? No problem! I also offer my services playing the instruments for you or you can chose from a list of people I provide who I know can deliver great sound.



Already have your tracks recorded but need them mixed and ready for mastering? Bring them in! I can mix your tracks/songs to sound great and professional. We will review them after the mix, take notes on each songs, and make the final mix your best mix!




The gear I have in my studio is high quality pro gear. You won't be disapointed in how your next song/record will sound. If you would like a list of the gear I have that you may want to use, please contact me.


You will also have access to my instruments if you would rather use them instead of your's at no extra cost!


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